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COMUNICAT DE PRESA – 27.04.20211 (engleză)

Census of Population and Housing
Trial Census
7-16 mai 2011

In the time period from the 22nd to the 31st of October,2011,in the entire country they will carry out The Census of population and Housing.

This vast statistical operation taking place at regular time periods – usually 10 years – the official count of the population on the territory of a country and its smallest geographic sub-territories , together with a selected amount of demographic and social characteristics of the population, the census holds the advantage of granting the detailed and reliable information necessary in the planning and implementation of the development economic and social policies, at national and local level, State and private level,for administrative or scientific research activities.

In addition, in comparison with the previous censuses,The census of Population and Housing 2011, the first taking place after Romania’s accession to the European Union, provides the data and information necessary for the knowledge,at the Union level,of the human potential of the entire European Community, with relevant information about the migration thereof among various member states and outside the Union,placing a special accent on the population of working age. This is the reason for which the the Commission Regulation, the document based on which the national censuses are organized, established thata stabilit ca in all member states the census shall take place in the same year – 2011, which grants the premises of comparison at the community level.

Nevertheless,the logo governing the census, “Because everyone matters” particularly reveals the idea that each and every person registered and each and every information obtained by the census matter in substantiating the development programs projects both at the European Union level, and the national and local level.

This is a complex and expensive activity in respect of the financial and human efforts – The Population and Housing Census 2011 involves expenses of about 193.000 thousand lei and over 120.000 people employed solely for recording the operations
în teren.

Its succeess depends mainly depends on two factors. The first one, the accuracy and distictness of the working materials – questionnaires, manual, guide depends on the professionalism and quality of the census personnel, in the first place of the statisticians having prepares the materials in compliance with, and according to the international statistical methodological standards.

The second factor, possibly even more important,is the population’s willingness of participating to the census by true answers to the questions asked by the enumerators, which can only be accomplished by the approrpiate promotion and in this respect the partnership with mass-media holds a decisive part. Althouth receiving and discussing with the enumerator represents both a legal and civic duty, for all the people living in Romania during the time of the census,the answers depend solely on the respondent’s free declaration,no justifying document being required,except of the identity document necessary for the correct recording of the personal identification number.

The answer to all the questions of the questionnaire shall be given knowing that all the information provided are protected by the confidentiality rule, guaranteed by law, and they shall be used for no other purpose but the statistical one.

Taking into consideration the importance of granting the success of the census to be conducted in the autumn, for the first time they will organize a TRIAL CENSUS, in the time period from the 7th to the 16th of May, inst.

The trial census will take place in all the counties: 3 census sections in the county capitals, 3 sections in the rural area, representing at the national level 261 census sections, respectively 282 enumerators (list of localitiesin annex 1).

The scope of conducting the trial census:

testing at small scale the organizations activities and the methodology;
verification of the amount of the average workload for one enumerator, allowing the final correct sizing,adequate to the actual circumstanes of the census sections and establishment of the necessary number of enumerators census guiding personnel.
experimentation of system and encoding norms of the census material by means of the electronic equipment,and establish the requirements of logic control and automated validation of information.
the data resulting from the pilot census will be used to prepare the census and may not be used as a data source concerning the population and housing.
IN order to ensure the participation of the population to the trial census, without causing any confusion that might affect the good conduct of the actual census, information the population about the activity to be conducted on the 7th to the 16th of May, inst. takes place specifically in the localities included in the pilot sample by posters shown at the local City Halls, flyers distributed at the addresses of the people to be interviewed ( annex 2) and prior visits to be paid by the enumerators.

Mention should be made that all enumerators will carry at the trial census also, similarly with the actual census,the identity documents, to be presented at the time of entering the domicile of the interviewed people.

COMUNICAT DE PRESA – 04.07.20211 (engleză)

Press release nr.159/04.07.2011


Interviu – România Liberă, vineri, 6 mai 2011


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