Who hires me?

In compliance with the legal provisions, respectively:

  • O.G 36/2007 (updated) approved by Law No.5/2008, on carrying out the population and housing census in Romania, in 2011, people carrying out recording activities in the census forms – enumerators, and also people having guiding, coordination and control attributions – enumerators-area chiefs and managers urbane – are recuited by the commissions of municipalities,and districts of Bucharest municipality,towns and communes,. These people are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the data declared and recorded in the census forms (art.9 para 1 si 2)
  • G.D. 1502/2009 (updated) on the organization and carrying out of the population and housing census in România in 2011, in carrying out their attributions during the census, the people recording the data, respectively the enumerators, and also the people with guiding, coordination and control attributions, will be granted the law protection, being considered to carry out offices involving exercise of the State authority (art 6 para 1 si 2).

Selection and employment of enumerators (about 100.000 individuals) for the Census of Population and Housing 2011 will start in August,2011 and will be carried out by the City Halls.

Those interested will address directly to the City Halls.

How do I become an enumerator?