What does an enumerator do?

The enumerator shall specifically comply with the directions received on the occasion of the training, as follows:

  • study carefully the forms and directions of filling in thereof;
  • take a preliminary visit to the census area ( a geographic area marked on a map, including about 100 dwellings), and in the time period from 20th to 31st of October,2011, the enumerator shall take interviews at each and every dwelling and record the data in the census questionnaires for the entire population, for dwellings and buildings;
  • carry out data recording activities, encoding and summarizing at the terms provided in the centralizing forms;
  • be kind irrespective of the attitude of the interviewed person;
  • record in the forms solely the answers given by respondents, without alteration or interpretation or change the meaning thereof;
  • may not request other information than those making the object of the census;
  • strictly observe all the legal provisions for providing the confidentiality of the data communicated by the individuals and written down in the census questionnaires;

How can I become an enumerator?