I want to be enumerator at the Census of Population and Housing

The Enumerator is that person who:

  • interacts directly with the population, conducting the interview with the people of the dwellings alloted in the attributed census section;
  • records the data collected for all the dwellings, collective living dwellings , households and people of the attributed census section.

What are the requirements I have to fultil to be hired as an enumerator?

The profile of the Enumerator:

  • To be at least 18 years old not less;
  • To have completed at least the secondary education;
  • To be a romanian citizen;
  • To know the Romanian Language (writing, reading, speaking);
  • No criminal record;
  • To be able to carry out its work in the territory;
  • To have a decent appearance and an appropriate manner of speaking;
  • No have no speaking problems and be easily understood;
  • To be able to read the materials (forms, etc.) print in a small font;
  • To heave a readable writing;
  • To be able to make simple calculations, correct, when summing up the datafor centralization;
  • To be available between 8-20 hours for the entire duration of the census, Including Saturdays and Sundays;
  • To have the physical capacity to sustain an extended effort, in order to visit dwellings possible not located on a large geographic area;
  • In the areas with population of other ethnic group than Romanian, knowledge of that ethnic group’s language and the characteristics of that group represent an advantage in carrying out its activity in the territory;
  • Having a mobile phone represents an advantage for the efficient communication with the coordinators of the enumerators.

How do I become an enumerator?